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WE AIM TO CREATE BEAUTIFUL AND HEALTHY SMILES. Solace 32, a dental division of Solace Biotech Limited is focused exclusively on manufacturing and marketing of high quality, safe and clinically proven oral hygiene Dental Range Medicines and dental – products.

Who we are ?
Good oral health is considered to be a sign of good overall health. Increased awareness about maintaining oral hygiene & fresh pleasant breath have led to an increase in demand for oral care products and Pharma dental medicines. Awareness of oral health has scaled great heights among the Indian population. We all use dental range products in India on daily basis and regular visits to dentist clinics now has become part of our lifestyle. The Indian dental market is vast & it is predicted that India would soon be one of the largest single markets for dental products and materials. Due to our poor lifestyle and unhealthy diet, the usage of Pharma dental medicines has also increased. There is a big dental market in India and Pharma companies offering extensive dental range products in India.

Solace 32 is a dental division of Solace Biotech Pharma Company and offers a variety of Pharma dental medicines. We have a wide product line of dental solutions which includes dental gel, mouthwash, gum paints, mouth ulcer gels, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial products. Our aim is to provide the best quality of Pharma dental medicines to improve the oral health of the people.

We are focused on empowering dental professionals to provide better, safer, faster dental care. We work with them to envision, provide innovative solutions to achieve optimum oral healthcare.

What we vision ?

We are driven by our purpose of creating miles of smiles by delivering qualitative solutions for good oral health thus over all well-being of the society.

Together with the determined team we aim to produce qualitative and affordable oral healthcare products to have healthier gums, strong teeth, and a beautiful smile.

Our Products

Having a vast array of products we strive to fulfill the dental and oral hygiene needs.

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Your smile and oral health are our top priority

Your smile and oral health are our top priority
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